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Fly a Kite
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What's this all about?

Well, there’s a lot of talk about legislation which will affect the GBLT community – civil unions, adoption, equal rights, all that.

But there aren’t any GBLT legislators. We don’t have a voice. But we’re citizens. We’re real, and we’re not going away.

The idea behind “Fly a Kite” is to remind them of that. Nothing violent. No shouting. No chants. Just being there, and being visible.

And, well, who could argue with a bunch of people that just want to fly kites?

On August 4th, we'd like to get as many people as possible to gather at the National Mall and fly rainbow kites. That's all. Just a nice, quiet reminder that yes, there are US Citizens who are also in the GBLT community. No, you don't have to be Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Transgender in order to participate.