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Event this year?

Hello everyone. I hope there are still a few people watching this group; sorry for the overly long hiatus.

There's been some interest in having a kite-flying this year, and I think we can make it happen.

So, I'd like to gauge interest. I'm thinking early April instead of during the summer. Anyone interested?
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Should have announced this a long time ago...

I'm sorry to say, there will not be a formal kite-flying this year. My schedule precludes the kind of effort which was necessary to promote and arrange an event, and I do not seeing that changing anytime soon.

This does not mean that there cannot be smaller events, which could be planned in advance or done spontaneously. And, of course, there's nothing keeping anyone else from organizing such activities; I don't believe for a moment that I "own" the idea, and I encourage everyone else to do whatever you can to promote equality.
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We had a great time, and quite a few people came out. Weather-wise, this was clearly a learning experience. It was... hot. Really, really hot. Moreover, we had a really hard time getting kites in the air, because the wind was terribly problematic. I'll admit I'd never before noticed the flags by the Washington Monument all flying in different directions before...

Still, we had a lot of people show up, and had no few kites in the air. So....

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday!

I'd like to give special thanks to:
tlttlotd for his help in organizing this event, and especially in hosting files (like the map)
stardansr for taking care of the posting to various Yahoo groups, as well as several of the LJ groups.
kitten_goddess for helping put up fliers in DuPont Circle.
barroomeyes for putting up fliers in Dupont Circle on her own.
and potpourrifae for putting fliers up in Tacoma Park.

Now, there's no sense in letting this group languish until next year; it has been put forward that we could have regular or semi-regular social meetups. What are your thoughts?
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An 11th hour question

I know this is kinda last minute, but something just occurred to me.

We're bound to attract a lot of attention.

What are we going to say when bystanders ask what we're doing?

My original concept was basically to make people think - that they'll have to engage a few brain cells to realize we're pro-queer, and it might, just maybe, click that we're basically normal people who happen to be queer. That we're not just issues and sound bites, and we deserve to be treated like real people.

That's what I was thinking. How about you?
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Last reminder for GBLT Kite

Hey everyone!
This is the last reminder for the GBLT Kite-flying event this weekend!

We'll be at the Northwest corner of the Washington Monument grounds starting at 1:00 pm and continuing until 4:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday August 4th.

If you don't have a kite yet, I've got a handful left to give out, but your best bet would be to go to Lambda Rising in Dupont Circle and buy one there.

Be sure to check out this handy post with all the details you'll need

Any more questions? Email me at gbltkite@gmail.com!
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Things you shuld know in coming to the event this Saturday

Here's all the practical stuff you need to know for the event this weekend. It's mostly common sense, but read it through anyway - there's always something you'll forget. Plus there's a map showing where we'll be meeting.


We are scheduled for 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 4th. This means that we will get the kites in the air by 1:30, and we are obligated to disperse by 4:00.

We have and alternate date of August 18th. If it becomes necessary to use the alternate date, I will post here.


Our permit gives us the Northwest Corner of the Washington Monument Grounds.

Here's a map - our area is circled in red.


To keep the very National Park Service happy, and generally be good citizens, there are a few rules we need to follow:

1) Keep sidewalks and roads clear.

2) No merchandise or sales will be permitted.

3) Pick up all trash; the area is to be left in the same condition as when we started.

4) No glass-string kites

5) No kite-flying on or near the plaza area (circle of flags)

6) Do not allow kites to become tangles in trees, flag poles, or power lines (please! They'll charge me for it!)

7) No balloons or glass containers.

That's it, really. Don't block the roads, don't sell anything, pick up our trash, and watch where the kites go.

Health and Safety

Now, I was out flying a kite on the mall last weekend. It was very hot, and very sunny. This weekend will be even moreso. I strongly recommend everyone bring bottled water and sunblock. As our gathering is relatively small, there will not be a first aid tent, and there will not be water provided. So please bring plenty of water; I'd really hate for anyone to get heatstroke.


If you'd like to be able to recognize me when you get there, I'm a medium-height guy with long brown hair. I'll be wearing a red t-shirt and jean shorts. I'll be flying a very large rainbow diamond kite.
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Giving away kites

So, I'm sure you're all wondering how it went this weekend, trying to give away kites.

Unfortunately, not very many people were able to show up. The plus to this is, I've still got quite a few kites to give away.

So - if you want a free kite, and can be at the actual kite-flying event next weekend, respond here. We'll need to figure out a time this week to meet up prior to the event - or I could bring the extra kites to the event itself, but I'm going with first come, first serve.

Once again - if you want one of the free kites, reply here.
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About the kite giveaway

Okay, here's how it goes:

From 2 pm to 4 pm tomorrow (Saturday July 28th), I'll be on the mall near the Smithsonian metro exit flying a kite. The first 20 people to show up will each get a rainbow kite. There are only two requirements: 1) You take 20 flyers to distribute and 2) you agree to show up on August 4th to fly the kite.

Mind, when I say distribute I don't mean you have to stand at the top of the metro and hand out flyers - in fact, I think that would be a pretty bad idea. But put them up as signs, or leave them on bulletin boards; anything to get the word out.

Those who don't know how to fly a kite, I'll do my best to teach you. Well, weather permitting.

So, I'll be the guy near the Smithsonian stop flying a really big diamond rainbow kite. See you tomorrow afternoon!
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Three pieces of news

First of all,

We've been approved for a public gathering permit!

It was really quite funny - I had to get a call from the Park Service; the fellow who was handling the application was confused because the application was too simple, straightforward, and undemanding.

Anyway, we have the NorthWest Corner of the Washington Monument ground on August 4th from 1 pm until 4:00 pm, for 50-100 people. I'll scan in and post the map by this weekend in case there's any confusion.

There are, of course, a few rules. We cannot be handling food, and water must be bottled. No kites with glass strings, No fees or sales, and we need to pick up our trash. Pretty basic stuff.

Second, the kites have arrived!.

All 20 kites came this past weekend, so this coming weekend I'll be down at the mall and give them out in exchange for you guys putting out flyers. I got the nice $10 ones, not the $5 pocket flyers, so it's a really great deal.

Which means See you this Saturday!.

I'll be down at the mall from 2:00-4:00, or until I run out of kites. I'll help anyone who doesn't know how to fly a kite learn, but bear in mind this is NOT the main event - that's the weekend after next. Come if you want a free kite and you're willing to lend a hand. I'll be a flying a really big rainbow kite and hauling 20 smaller kites. Should be pretty hard to miss me.

This is the final push, everyone. The more people who can get involved, the better off we'll be. Will I see you?